Pascal de Man


Since my early childhood I've been fascinated by how things work. Items got taken apart, giving away what world was hidden inside them and – when I saw fit – combined, or put back together in (preferably) an improved form. Over the years this fascination grew and started to involve an interest in how and why people work. As soon as the first computer entered my life, it turned out that I could use this device combined with both extremes of the spectrum to create computer programs.

From here on, (re)actions from both humans and machines alike got analysed for recurring patterns that could be optimised or used to predict possible future steps. All of this led to me signing up for a study in Advanced Informatics followed by Interactive Media Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During this time, I learned how to create user-centered solutions and to mix various media and platforms to achieve my goals.

After the Academy Olivier Otten and I founded internet studio Toxit and – together with his brother Roeland - Holland-Interactive. Since 2009, I'm active as a freelance internet and multimedia- programmer based in Rotterdam. Over the years I've worked on projects varying from websites, games, mobile apps, data visualisations, navigation through venues and books, video browsers, pattern- and profile generators, interactive videos, art installations, product prototypes etc.

Since 2011, I'm also active as tutor. Up to 2013 at the Communication and Multimedia Design departement of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here I teached first and second years students the basics of front-end development and prototyping. Starting 2012 I'm active at the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague as well. Throughout the years I've worked in various positions as Coding tutor, helping students realize their interactive projects, be it for the web, print, physical space or anything in between.

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Video browser / 2008

3VOOR12 is a multimedia platform of the Dutch Public Broadcasting's VPRO for alternative pop. The video browser was made on the occasion of its 10th anniversary and shows a wide selection of highlights. Videoclips are displayed on two axis and are linked to each other by category, date or name. This way the website always serves an alternative route, enabling a seemingly endless browsing experience.

Commissioned by VPRO - 3VOOR12 / Editing by Sander Kerkhof /
Additional programming by Reinier Feijen / Together with Olivier Otten and Roeland Otten.

After Theatre?

Publication / 2007

A publication linked to the 2006 theatre conference Na(ar) het Theater at the AHK. It presents a new, alternative way of accessing information by keyword search: each page of text features a list of words on the page which also appear in the book’s index. These keywords indicate all the relevant topics discussed on the respective page and allow for speedy navigation through the book’s content.

In early 2008 After Theatre? was awarded the Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the Type Directors Club New York.

Concept and design by Niels Schrader /
Editing by Marijke Hoogenboom and Alexander Karschnia.


Website / 2007 – 2009

ConClub was a series of 10 cultural evens on different locations in Rotterdam. For each event artists were invited to make site specific installations, films were screened, performances took place, live bands performed and the nights ended in parties with amazing dj's.

Initiated by Remco Beeskow and Roeland Otten /
Design by Roeland Otten.

Research Group Art Practice and Development

Website / 2007

Website which's navigation interface is based solely on the so-called “windows metaphor” with only displaying an alterable cut-out of information. This allows for an endless horizontal expansion of the content containers and enlarges the possibilities of storage.

Commissioned by the Research Group Art Practice and Development of the Amsterdam University of the Arts / Together with Niels Schrader.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Website / 2007

Website for the children's section of the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. The museum is well known for it's hands-on and playful character, which we tried to resemble online. Most of the practical information is left out (parents look it up on the grown-up site anyway), making room for small games to hype up the kids.

Commissioned by Maritiem Museum Rotterdam /
Together with Olivier Otten and Roeland Otten.

Poetry Compressor

Internet tool / 2006

Poetry Compressor is an internet tool in progress developed by Niels Schrader en Ted van Lieshout for the research project Digital Poetry that was initiated in early 2006 by the Fonds voor de Letteren (Dutch Foundation for Literature) and Waag Society Amsterdam.

Concept and design by Niels Schrader and Ted van Lieshout / Additional programming by Marcel van der Drift.

Rob Stolk

Visual identity / 2006

Visual Identity for Rob Stolk, first class printing company from Amsterdam. Basis for the stationary are randomly generated grids with squares in various sizes for each of the CMYK colors. Overlaying these patterns in their respective colors gives a huge amount of variations.

Together with Niels Schader.

Neisser | Zöller

Netherlands Architecture fund


(on)geloofstest voor kinderen

Jef Poldervaart


Slewe Gallery

Zoom – The tangible past